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Sustainable sourcing 

Save to invest in the future

HIKE Business Journeys

Organizations that build and manage sustainable value chains are more impactful.  With our consulting services we strive for a more conscious & sustainable management of value chains powered by sourcing & procurement teams 

Our services

We guide organisations on their journey to realize double materiality by embedding sustainability capabilities in the heart of their sourcing organization. 

Start your journey

Achieving sustainable business results requires a solid basis. Many departments have the mandate to start sustainability initiatives but don’t know how to start. Our services are developed to help your sourcing department overcome the obstacles they find on their way.

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Make the difference

Running a sustainable business is not the sole responsibility of a sustainability team. Every team needs to take its responsibility in order to be impactful. Considering a significant amount of the socio-environmental footprint comes from your value chain, sourcing teams play a vital role in transforming value chains.

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