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The story behind HIKE business journeys


HIKE business journeys is the result of connecting the dots between past experiences and future ambition. A passion for sustainable business and experience in strategic sourcing, Lean management & data engineering, inspired us to set a new sourcing standard.

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The story

As a founder I had spent years working in corporate environments driving efficiency programs and creating business value through Lean programs and strategic partnerships in sourcing.

Driven by curiosity in digital solutions and becoming increasingly more aware of sustainability issues, I decided to launch HIKE business journeys in 2022 and take action.

Make a change

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The purpose

Often sustainability is a topic that is treated by a dedicated team, but it is a challenge to integrate double materiality thinking in the business areas. 


The purpose of HIKE business journeys is to give sourcing teams the time and means to capture double materiality. By  raising awareness, establishing a focused roadmap  and selecting the right collaboration models, we enable them to save for the future.

Save for the future


The identity

How we do business

It is our believe that sustainable sourcing is triggered by a team that is aware of the impact they have and  has the desire to act. Awareness and desire serve as the foundation to successfully develop new capabilities, processes and technology.

Who is who

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

I am a pragmatic Sustainable sourcing Consultant and aim to help my clients to integrate sustainable thinking in their sourcing activities. I have years of experience in the industry and have worked every step of the way. 

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