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Start small, dream big

We help you capture double materiality value by embedding sustainability capabilities in the heart of your sourcing organization. Our services are designed to support organizations no matter where they are in their journey. We prefer to create incremental value through straightforward use cases and proof of concept projects.

Business Plan

Focus on sourcing

Engage your value chain

Procurement is an extended business area with procure-to-pay and source-to-contract as the main processes. HIKE's primary focus is on the sourcing sub-process as we believe this is the foundation of sustainable value chains and where the biggest value potential resides.

Procurement processes.png

Strategy & Roadmap

Sustainability reporting requirements are becoming an integral part of financial reporting via the EU taxonomy and CSRD regulation. Organizations have to go beyond their own boundaries and re-invent the way they manage their value chain. It is our ambition to translate these requirements in a pragmatic way to procurement business domain.

Capability building

Develop capabilities to capture double materiality in practice with a save to invest mindset. We optimize the current way of working and free-up time & resources to invest in sustainable action. For this we use a Lean methodology that was customized to implement sustainable sourcing practices. 

Sustainable sourcing.png

Data visualization

Convert raw data into double materiality insights that are understandable and actionable. We build dashboards tailored to your sourcing department's needs. The number of vendors and platforms you could consider is huge. We work with best in class visualization tools and if possible use tools that are already available in your company to avoid additional license costs. 

Data visualization tools.png
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